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Check to make sure your passport is valid and extends 6 months out from return date.
A lot has changed in the past 2 months - your bags can be packed and with a vaccination you can go almost anywhere.  Sometimes you need to supplement that with a PCR and a governmental letter, or immigration letter.   Traveling within the USA is certainly the easiest, vaccination card will get you more access to things.  How we hope that Canada opens up soon.  Always take a print out of what every you need to show, don't trust that the wifi will be working.  Be safe not sorry.  
Personally I am watching Chile, as my cruise to Antartica in Nov., leaves from Santiago.  Would love to have Argentina also open up  as summer approaches down there and the snow falls here a visit to Buenos Aires and or Santiago can be awesome.  Get your tango steps ready as that is such a part of any visit to BA.  Your wine glass raised for Santiago. 
Bermuda is open and with PCR testing on arrival you should only be in quarantine for 6-8 hours.   The Caribbean takes a little more paperwork, but no quarantine.  The sun almost always shines there - and in Nov a  shower each day will cool everything off.
Branson got his gorgeous space craft up there, I really like the 3 plane scenario, much more innovation than the rocket.  Now since we can get into space,  lets drop the masks and get on with our lives, come and go and If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask do so, but don't criticize vaccinated persons not wearing a mask.  If you are an O- blood type you are almost sure not to give or get the virus. If you are a negative blood type you will get a less severe case of covid than someone who has a +  blood type.
Don't know your blood type?  Why not donate blood and you can find out.  A lot of things hurt, but giving blood to save a life is not one of them.  It is easy, safe and desperately needed now, blood banks have a short supply.  
https://www.vitalant.org    or   https://nybc.org


Travel Trivia:
Where is the largest lake in the United States?
      Lake Superior which covers an area of 31,700 square miles is singly the largest, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron combined come out in the lead with 45,400 square miles, but that is 2 lakes.  
Set in a landmark building that once housed a famous 1920s gentlemen's club, this ornate, alcohol-free hotel overlooking Lake Superior is what awesome Lodge?
The Nanuboujou Lodge. 20 Naniboujou Trail, Grand Marais, MN  fabulous original paintings in the grand hall, fantastic location and the service is wonderful.  This is a must for everyone to go to at least once.          
WABBA TRAVEL located at  66 South Finley Ave., member of Ensemble Travel and ASTA.  
            Phone for an appointment and then get a bite to eat locally. Blue Cafe, Washington House or the Grain House  
or have a hair cut, Venue 2 or J Walker and then get your dinner from Perrottis - 
        support Main St., please.   
      PHONE:  908-766-1233
The WORLD is  your OYSTER, let a pearl drop into your lap make new memories, and have new experiences. What ever your level of luxury, we can find what is right for you.  Between VRBOs, B&Bs or luxury like The Pointe,  there are so many wonderful stays while you wait for your trip to Egypt.      908-766-1233 is the magic number. 

In Bernardsville NJ the National Park Service owns the wonderful Cross Estate Gardens under the Jockey Hollow Park name. Be sure to visit the water tower, the formal garden (Mrs Cross was a horticulturist), the native garden and sit under the pergola with a cup of coffee to get the most out of the gardens.  (Jockey Hollow Rd., off Hardscrabble).
All over the East Coast we have wonderful national parks that open up to us, so beach is good, and parks are good, and a combination is the