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Get the car ready, pack your bags, grab the dog(s) and kids and hit the road Jack.
As the time goes on and on and on we all feel really frustrated.  It's now mandatory to wear your mask in the airport and on the plane .  Still touting  the air in planes that is changed every few minutes.  Don't close off that valve overhead that you might find drafty, but that is the fresh air coming your way. Wipe down your seat, tray table and seat belt, etc., the space is owned by you for the flight.  Be comfortable.  Flying is safe.    
Getaways with something special in mind are totally doable.  Wine tasting, special museums, hiking, historic towns, Indian culture, well I have just named all my favorites, what are yours?  Grab 
your pencil, make a few notes and phone or email Wabba Travel.

Travel Trivia:
At about 11 p.m. on Christmas Day, Washington’s army commenced its crossing of the half-frozen river (Delaware) at three locations. The 2,400 soldiers led by Washington successfully braved the icy and freezing river and reached the New Jersey side of the Delaware just before dawn. The other two divisions, made up of some 3,000 men and crucial artillery, failed to reach the meeting point at the appointed time.
Why not celebrate this in Dec. or Jan.,  with an over night at the Inn at Millrace Pond - you won't be disappointed and then you can easily get to the Delaware Water Gap National Park.  
  We have the knowledge we have the expertise and we give service - now we just want to have your business.  

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The WORLD is  your OYSTER, let a pearl drop into your lap make new memories, and have new experiences.   Ever been to Shelter Island - you can do a day trip to Montauk from here.   Great hotels or B&Bs and many PET FRIENDLY, even as the water gets a little icy this place is beautiful.  908-766-1233 for help