WABBA  TRAVEL              Expedition and luxury travel at it's best    
The world is your oyster
Wabba Travel will support you like one of our family. 
When you need balance - the exotic, the real, the fragrance of a spice, a pause from tackling the peak-  achieve this with an expert, your trip  into an incredible experience at your own pace.
So grab your pencil and make a few notes and phone or email Wabba Travel. 
Any adventure starts in your heart. 

                               Where are we? Not hard to find,   
    Location, location, location - downtown BASKING RIDGE
                                       66 South Finley Ave., 
                         across from the Blue Cafe and Wells Fargo,
                                 above the Tailor and Perrottis. 
                                        PHONE:  908-766-1233

The WORLD is  your OYSTER, let a pearl drop into your lap and you shall make new memories, and have new experiences.  Take every trip out of the box, do something special no matter how short the trip is. Grab  an Expedition, some Culture or just add FUN. Life is what you make of it.  We will help you make that "trip" a real experience.