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Check to make sure your passport is valid and extends 6 months out from return date.
A river less traveled is a great way to go. Fly into Cairo and in your hotel the view is of the Nile, around which everything is centered.  As you wander on the Nile you will see creative ways to carry commerce like this gorgeous boat. The mighty Nile caters to everyone.  It also divides the East and West banks home to incredible temples built 14 BC or earlier. 
Most talked about is the opening of the new National Museum later this year enabling all artifacts from the museum to be displayed. Maybe you saw the Parade of Artifacts, incredible parade.  The Museum, even in the current form, traces the routes you will following on any tour.  No other museum enables this kind of historical documentation.  The quality is amazing and soon a lot more of the collection will be shown. Amazing EGYPT is my destination pick for 2022.  With  archeological beauty, cultural history, adventure and luxury accommodations it wins on all levels.

Travel Trivia:
is know as the Queen of what?

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The valley of the kings is one of the wonderful places in west Luxor, holding 64 tombs (18 royal kings) and the magnificent tomb of king Tut. Interesting Thutmose I, the first ancient pharaoh to be buried in the Valley of the Kings, knew that the pyramid tombs  were often robbed so he decided to be buried in an isolated secret location away from everyone, which was the Valley of the Kings. The architect of the valley was Ineni, who wrote on the walls of Thutmose’s tomb: “No One Seeing, No One Knowing”.