All about us ...

Wabba Travel is the leader when it comes to expertise and

service. We are in our 40th year in business, which has only been possible because of our ability to serve all the neighboring communities plus many clients out of state with expertise. Our exceptional staff is more than happy to be at your service.

Barbara Long

President and founder of Wabba Travel has over 40 years travel experience. She specializes in international travel for individuals and groups. So if you are up for an adventure of a lifetime, call Barbara. Barbara is also a very proud, active member in the community. She was recognized as one of the “Oustanding Women in Somerset County” - Barbara has also received the Jessica Cosgrave Lifetime Achievement Award (FinchNews1009a-1.pdf). We are so proud of Barbara’s many accomplishements and her dedication to the community and the travel industry.

Donna Lynch

Donna has been in the travel business for many years and has experience in all phases of travel, both leisure and corporate. Her wealth of knowledge and her smile are a great combination. She manages to balance her responsibilities in accounting with those in travel very well. After hours, Donna pursues her hobby as a painter. Some of her work is on display here at Wabba Travel.

Keely Petitt

Keely has come back to Wabba Travel after taking some time off to raise her children. Not only is she creatively working as our Marketing Director, she is also here to help you plan that perfect getaway. When not working with her own clients, she actively helps the other agents in the office too. Keely has been around the travel business her entire life.

Dinaz Subjally

Dinaz is a travel consultant as well as a group specialist. She has been working with individual and university groups traveling all over the world for many years. She maintains an office at 66 Main Street in Madison.

Diana Baldwin

Diana is our paragliding expert! Want to let your spirit soar? Call or email Diana and she will make it happen. Diana travels frequently herself and always enjoys exploring and sharing her special finds!

Charli Nicholson

Charli has extensive industry experience and on occasion we are lucky enough to have her help us out.

Our attention to detail, pleasant composure and extraordinary wealth of knowledge have allowed us to maintain our world wide base of clients. Why not join our expanding list of well serviced customers?

Our office offers trained International Rate Specialists, a dynamic program sponsored by Lufthansa, a Disney Specialist, Hyatt, Mexico, and Scotland professionals. Between all of us in the office we have been to almost every country in the world, and some we have even lived in.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you,

Barbara, Donna, Keely, Dinaz, Diana and Charli

Our special contacts …

Dr. Barbara Tomlinson - Cultural guide for Wabba Travel's exclusive trips! Recently, she has hosted tours to France, Italy, Russia, Spain and Washington, DC. Barbara lectures on the culture of our spectacular destinations, and as always, is available for questions and a daily chat time on each tour she hosts. Art trips are  always being talked about, now under discussion are  Western Art,  Art & Architecture in Spain, France, Sicily, Scotland and Romania.... we have a newsletter that goes out once a year, so be sure you are on the mailing list.

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