Why you NEED a
local travel agent
(the top 10 reasons as if you even need that)
     We provide you with exceptional service. Proof of this is being in business for 40 years. If you need refernces, please let us know. We would be more than happy to refer you to one of our many faithful clients who can explain to you why Wabba is the best!

   Not only do we do research from our local office, we also travel ourselves on business and pleasure which keeps us up to date on that ideal location for your next getaway. When we travel, resorts invite us in to see different room categories, experience their restaurant and other amenities so we get a true flavor for what you will experience! We are on the local trains, going to the museums, grabbing a water taxi, etc. We are experiencing first hand what you would for many destinations. 

      As industry leaders, we have many sales reps and other connections created from our 40 years in the business that are invaluable with special requests or any type of extra help you wouldn’t be able to receive on your own. We are also members of larger travel agency groups that allow us special incentives that we pass along to you, our valued customer. 

     We work with a variety of hotels, resorts, airlines, rail companies, tour operators, etc. So when it comes time to create the perfect getaway for you, we will find the best option that works for you. 

     We know how valuable your time is, so we are able to work around your schedule if necessary. We all live locally and are able to come in for a scheduled appointment that fits your busy schedule too.

     If you are looking for a travel agency you can trust, then you are on the right web site. You are our top priority and you can count on us to be the reliable source for all your travel needs.

     We wish you all didn’t know first hand what we mean here, but unfortuneately our area has been hit pretty hard recently with some of mother natures powerful storms. Have you tried to reschedule a flight when the other 100,000 customers are calling the airline at the same time while you see your cell phone battery dying? We have helped all of our clients reschedule or change their plans to get them where they needed to go. 

     You wouldn’t give your money or credit card information to just anyone? So, why would you trust that too good to be true online deal and then pass everything along to them? We work with reputable companies and know how to make payments in the safest possible way. 

    How do you know if that online company or 800 number is actually who they say they are? If you value your identity and security, please think about that. Again, we work with reputable companies and are extremely cautious with all of your information. 

     This speaks for itself, but without your support we would not be here and we are extremely grateful for your continued support for our agency as well as all of Main Street. 

OK, now that you know why you NEED a local travel agent, you will understand the service fees listed below more. As reported in the October 17th, 2011 issue of Travel Agent magazine, an “ASTA Report: 88% of Agents now charge service fees”. 

0     $30 ticketing fee per ticket ($100 maximum per family at one
ticketing time). The airlines have cut everything back including any commission travel agents received to service our clients with their airline tickets. So in order for us to be able to continue to take care of your flight needs, this is a necessary fee. 

0     $150 research/share our knowledge fee - (will be applied toward
your trip once you book with us). We get numerous calls, as we should because we are the experts. Unfortunately, some of those calls turn in to using us for our information and then booking cheaply online with panic calls later when the deal they were promised never panned out. This is taking up too much of our valued time that should be dedicated  to our clients who will book with us. Therefore we are initiating this fee that should not be a problem for anyone who planned to use all of our services anyway as the fee is applied to your trip. 

0     $100 per hour to research and or reserve any “free” or “mileage” 
dd (plus $30 per ticket ticketing fee) . We have no problem taking care of your mileage or free ticket needs, if we are legally allowed to by the certain carrier or offer. These take more time than booking a normal airline ticket and therefore need to reflect that service fee wise. 

0    15%  added to any hotel / resort that does not offer commission to
travel agents. We love working with unique, smaller hotels and creating the perfect itinerary to fit your travel needs. For those unique places that don’t offer commission, we will add 15% to their rate to ensure we are able to service your travel needs as you would expect.

0    There is an hourly rate for restaurant reservations, private tours,
etc. which we will discuss with you prior to starting any research as the rate is dependent upon how much is involved.


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