Spin the dial, think outside the box, the world is your oyster.
India, the Palace on Wheels and the  Elephanta Caves to start.,  The  mysteries of this land of contrasts.  The sights and smells are so symbolic.  Tour the soaring temples, experience the Taj Mahal at sunset and sunrise. Revel in the  luxurious atmosphere of hotels in the heartland of northern India while visiting a town where weaving is still a living art.  
When you travel to new countries, any of the 7 continent's 7 billion destinations, you meet new people filled with ideas, visions and beliefs that can be equated to yours - we are all people, great people.  Through travel we should learn to drop grudges and preconceived notions and inhale the world around us for who we are.  

LINDBLAD expeditions - fabulous staff & incredible itineraries
Antartica "the best trip I ever took" is always the response.  South Georgia, historic and filled with wildlife is a great stop where you just begin to feel where you are.... This white continent has small islands at the edge of the world.  You don't have to pack a lot as heavy weather gear is supplied. That will keep you warm in the zodiaks used for excursions, and walking and hiking on the ice. This is fabulous for all ages and there are family trips scheduled, so the young and older folks can all enjoy themselves.  

PARIS - Dreaming of your next trip?  a Friday night at the Museum D'Orsay with dinner and a private visit?  Wonderful  24/7 365  and the snow is so much better in Paris, where  the smells from the great restaurants flavor the air as you walk the streets.  A glass of wine, or some port in winter, or an incredible red wine and then a great meal ending in a romantic walk.  Yes this is where you might want to be this any time of year and be sure to pick up a museum pass.

GREECE - always beautiful with a diversity of history, art, architecture and culture. This all time classic can be a part of a cruise, or your own cruise to a variety of special places.
Best time to go is May - October.
Book your signature suite today with killer views and colors that melt into a new world image.

After exploring Santiago, the vineyards and the fabulous coastline head over the Easter Island where you can unravel the mystery of Rapa Nui.  (bone up on this at the Met Museum, NYC, it has a fabulous small exhibition related to Easter Island). Volcanoes, beaches and petroglyphs  and an amazing culture are just part of your adventure with GAdventures on this remote island. 


Spoil yourself and  see where preserving the planet is really a resounding message.  You can do your part as A&K, African Travel, Micato Safaris and others have set up programs to which you can donate.  
Embark on an authentic African Safari,
this is one of the greatest adventures you can take. You can photograph, interact with animals, go on night drives, walk (with a guide) to see game, visit local villages, safaris come in all shapes and sizes and there is sure to be one for you. 

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