Spin the dial, think outside the box, the world is your oyster.
India, the Palace on Wheels and the  Elephanta Caves to start.,  The  mysteries of this land of contrasts.  The sights and smells are so symbolic.  Tour the soaring temples, experience the Taj Mahal at sunset and sunrise. Revel in the  luxurious atmosphere of hotels in the heartland of northern India while visiting a town where weaving is still a living art.  
American Cruise Line, Smooth waters, southern charm, rich history, a kaleidoscope of color to the American Revolution to the bays of Alaska, they have the cruise for you.  Fewer than 200 guests on each boat makes this like a private club.  
You begin with your complimentary pre-cruise hotel stay, boarding the boat the next day.  A variety of excursions as unique as the cruises themselves.  Fabulous food with plenty of locally grown ingredients.  Complimentary beer and wine at lunch and dinner, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages available 24 hours a day in the lounges.
       Our feature is Music Cities, from Memphis to Nashville, from jazz to blues to rock "n roll, departure July 3rd, 2022.  Join our celebration of Independence Day, the right way.


Santorini is the dream of almost everyone and what a way to see it, pulling into the Harbor on a Celebrity ship and you can do it this year...2021  Sept 25th   Greek Islands & Croatia.  It will still be beautiful in 2022, but a bit more expensive.  If you want to get out of Dodge, try fitting this into your schedule.  You won't regret it.  
Speaking of Dodge, have you ever watched a westen movies and thought now that is a way of life that I could do for a week .... and these Dude ranches are wonderful, out side of the towns, fantastic everything.  Suggest 7D just on the outskirts of Cody WY, so you can enjoy the riding, the food and the Whitney Museum, Buffalo Bill Museum and 3 others, have the best hamburgers in the west and you will be a different person.  Don't bring your attitude there, bring home the right attitude.  
As you start to plan any vacation here are a few suggestions:
How will you divide your time between cities and country?
how many hours a day do you want to drive  and for that what kind of a car? manual or automatic?  medium or small  (not recommended for more than 2 persons).  
Do you want to stop for a bigger meal at noon?   just a few ideas to consider when on the road less traveled.