Spin the dial, think outside the box, the world is your oyster.
India, the Palace on Wheels and the  Elephanta Caves to start.,  The  mysteries of this land of contrasts.  The sights and smells are so symbolic.  Tour the soaring temples, experience the Taj Mahal at sunset and sunrise. Revel in the  luxurious atmosphere of hotels in the heartland of northern India while visiting a town where weaving is still a living art.  
Any time of year a Paris weekend is sensational.  Cultural, art, fashion, food and awesome hotels make this a great remedy for covid.


Maybe not this year, yet to be seen,  but next definitely.......Scotland is in the top 1/3rd of the island of Great Britain. Make no mistake, never call a Scot an Englishman or call him Scotch (That is the drink).  Being the daughter of a Scot that was one of the first rules I learned, certainly preceding turning off the lights when you left a room.   This is on here because I learned to appreciate everything American from an immigrant.  This was and should be the land of opportunity for so many - it was for my Dad and that is why he came, legally and it was 5 years before he got his citizenship.  
The countryside is  beautiful and so diverse and the cities fantastic.  The Loch Ness monster was the basis for many a children's book sent to us (scary - yes),  Arthur's seat for history and Glasgow's Art Deco for pure style and and on the endearing side  Greyfriars Bobby (you must know the story before visiting Edinburgh),.  So much more to see on this road less traveled.  Around each corner there is always something special. 
As you start to plan here are a few suggestions:
How will you divide your time between cities and country 
how many hours a day do you want to drive  and for that what kind of a car? manual or automatic?  medium or small
(not recommended for more than 2 persons).  
Do you want to stop for a bigger meal at noon?   just a few ideas to consider when on the road less traveled.