Your passionate experts at WABBA TRAVEL
 WABBA TRAVEL was started in 1971 by Barbara who had just returned from living in Nigeria, NYC and then Australia.  Married at the time to someone working for Mobil Oil International  a move back to the USA was not terribly exciting.   Reading an ad for becoming a travel agent she went to NYC once a week taking the course from the son of a diplomat.  He loved the idea of her opening an agency and worked with her to get everything rolling and 6 months late WABBA TRAVEL was there, in one room on Finley Ave,   Most of her techincal knowledge was taught to her by a Pan Am agent in Lagos Nigeria, a time when Pan Am  ruled the world.  Learning to calculate mileages and knowing a good bit of the world gave Wabba a reputation for handling international travel with more skill and knowledge than anyone else around.  Experienced agents were hired to do the domestic travel and thus the journey began.  The level of knowledge has not changed and the expertise with a smile has never diminished.  Going above and beyond is a trademark. 

Donna, who found her first job in a travel agency years ago, has worked corporate, groups and leisure, coming to Wabba Travel 19 years ago.  She as everyone knows is fantastic, charming and so so up on travel everywhere. She hails from Bernardsville so often in a snowstorm you will see her here. On the side she paints children's portraits, dog's portraits and will do your front door, often such a special place in our hearts and so welcoming. She has a wonderful line of cards, blank insides, for all ocassions, so be sure to see these, they are beautiful.   Call her if you are interested in seeing her work (we have some on show in the office) or want to talk "art" or of course book travel.    


Barbara Long Pitney, founder of Wabba Travel 51 years ago is still there. I lived in Lagos Nigeria where I learned from a Pan Am agent how to book complicated air and vacations for the employees of Mobil Oil (those 2 things date me right away) and the expat community.  Then I moved to Australia where Qantas taught me how not to backhaul on routes to get the best fares.  So eventually returning home I opened Wabba Travel, an expert in international travel, and knew nothing about domestic travel.  I relied on fantastic staff, one thing I value so much, as they have always made the agency wonderful. I am so proud to work with my staff.

WABBA TRAVEL was the first agency in the area to be automated, the only one to have Wednesday night at the movies and our own Art & Architecture Tours to places around the world. We value progress and are working on making your travel safe in 2022-23 and beyond. We monitor the news on what is allowed and what is not, where you can go and where you should not.  We will advise you on the best way to travel and are always here to help you reschedule your travel if necessary.  Refer a friend to us as you know at Wabba Travel, travel is our passion and we are the best.