The World Is Huge, Don’t Miss Any of It

U.S. Tourist Destinations

Luna Mystica

Forget “the Hotel” and go for an airstream overnight to two in Taos, NM. If you were thinking about other destinations, you might want to rethink. Luna Mystica is an incredible place to stay when you plan to visit Santa Fe. If you give us advance notice, your kids can probably stay in their bed or room right next to yours. Extend this visit to Santa Fe, the ultimate domestic destination.

Trailer In The Snow
Illuminated Tall PlantTwo Person Riding A Horse


Chihuly at Taliesin West was an exhibition that put Phoenix, AZ, in the hot seat with Santa Fe. Phoenix is an unbeatable destination for its buildings with awesome architectural designs. Add to this the Museum of Western Art, and the cowboy in you will come right out. Pair this with Cody, WY, where not only do you have a branch of the Whitney but the best hamburgers in the U.S. and fabulous ranches where you can try out being a dude!

Wild Baja California Escape

Enjoy several days in the company of majestic gray whales in Baja California’s Magdalena Bay, one of the best places in the world to encounter gray mother whales and their curious calves. During the trip, you can explore the bay aboard our nimble expedition ship and ride a local panga for closer encounters with the whales. 

Aside from whale watching, you can also kayak through mangrove forests, hike desert islands, look for pelicans and ospreys, and soak up the sun on pristine beaches. We will walk you through this one to make sure it is right for you.



Uniworld River Cruises has been featured and awarded by Forbes, Travel + Leisure, Fortune, and Food & Wine because of its amazing itinerary and amenities. This company was founded and owned by Stanley and Bea Tollman. 

Bea Tollman was once a school teacher who took a school trip to Europe that changed her life forever. Getting involved in the world of travel enabled her to meet distinguished South African hotelier Stanley Tollman, a man with a passion for good food, a heart for hospitality, and a red carnation nestled in his lapel. Though they didn’t know it then, they would later go on to build the world-renowned luxury brand Red Carnation Hotels. With their hotel’s success, Bea strived to reach higher and dreamed of traveling the waters, leading the pair to eventually acquire Uniworld River Cruises in 2004. Their cruise line’s itineraries are superb; once you’re on board, you will fall in love with Uniworld. Contact us to get a 2024 brochure.

Boat Traveling Down A River

The Scottish Highlander

The Scottish Highlander is a barge that boasts a classy vibe. While on the barge, you’ll cruise a scenic route along the canal, loch, and river on the graceful Scottish Highlander. You will also be savoring traditional and delicious Scottish dishes. 

With a maximum capacity of eight, this is the perfect family trip. Every itinerary is fabulous; you can explore ancient castles and forts and visit one of Scotland’s oldest whisky distilleries. Also, keep an eye out for Nessie as you sail the fabled Loch Ness. Some of our Scottish family members personally helped craft this itinerary for you.

American Queen Voyages

Let the classic American riverboat transport you to new adventures—and back in time. Sail across lakes, seas, or oceans as you travel through the Great Lakes, Canada, New England, the Southeastern U.S., Mexico, and Costa Rica.

During your trip, you will surely have an amazing and fun time as you stop to appreciate every splendid sunset on a bucket list-worthy voyage that’s brimming with tranquility and adventure. The riverboat has a maximum capacity of 200 passengers, so you’ll feel like you’re cruising as if you owned the boat.