Our Travel Agents

Trust Wabba Travel to get you the best travel deals, whether it’s for an international or domestic trip. Our travel agents work hard to provide you with different options that will take you to your dream destination.

Barbara Long Pitney

Meet Barbara, the founder of Wabba Travel. She started this company 53 years ago, and she’s still very hands-on and continues to work with clients. She is an expert in international travel and around-the-world trips. 

She was living in Lagos, Nigeria when she first learned how to book complicated air travel reservations from a Pan American World Airways agent. That agent allowed Barbara to help him book vacations for the employees of Mobil Oil and the expat community. 

When Barbara moved to Australia, a Qantas employee taught her how not to backhaul on routes to get the best fares possible. The knowledge and experience she gained made her fall in love with helping people to plan and book their trips. She returned home and took study courses that equipped her with the skills and knowledge needed to be a great travel agent. 

To compliment her expertise, she hired trustworthy travel agents who are knowledgeable about domestic and international travel to help Wabba Travel reach new heights. Today, she relies on her team to help clients travel across the U.S. and beyond.

Donna Marie Lynch

Donna joined Wabba Travel 21 years ago. Before becoming a part of Wabba, she planned trips for both corporate and individual clients and organized small group travel. She is a fantastic travel agent with a charming personality. Our clients find her approachable, efficient, and reliable. 

During her spare time, she paints portraits of children and dogs as well as doorways, who doesn’t love the look of their front door! She creates beautiful cards that make wonderful presents for those who help your get away on your super vacation.