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Nicholson Yachts

When you’re thinking about sailing on a yacht, choose to sail in style aboard the Nicholson yachts. While traveling with them, you’ll appreciate their heritage and wealth of knowledge.

Nicholson Yachts has an amazing flotilla of yachts. The company started when Desmond Nicholson’s father, a commander in the Royal Navy, and his family followed his appointments to be near him. During the war, you could not rent a furnished house, so their family bought a yacht. It was a cheap schooner with 70 ft. of 1903 vintage beauty.

No one wanted a yacht—it was wartime, after all. But the yacht they found, the Mollihawk, was lying in a mud berth on the Dart and was fully furnished. So, everyone in the family agreed to buy the yacht just to get the knives, forks, spoons, linens, blankets, and all the furnishings inside that were difficult to find back then. They took them to furnish a house they rented near Plymouth in Devon, England. 

At the end of the war, the Commander refitted the Mollihawk with the idea of going back to the West Indies. On March 9 at 4:30 p.m., their family first came alongside the inner wharf at the old 1745 Naval Dockyard (Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbor). Little did they know they would be spending the rest of their lives there! That yacht, the Mollihawk, began their charter and sales business.


Admire the city of Copenhagen, Denmark from the waterside. It is an old harbor and maritime city; one of the most beautiful and enjoyable ways to see it is from a boat sailing down its charming canals. You can take a traditional canal tour boat or a romantic gondola—be the captain of your own solar energy-driven boat, ride a kayak adventurously, or go fishing. 

There are countless activities you can do on the water around Copenhagen as well as Stockholm, Sweden and Bergen, Norway. When you want to tour around historical Europe, the best way to do so is via water travel.

The Boat Dock
Sailboat Sailing Across The Ocean

Sea Cloud

Sea Cloud now has three cruise ships; namely the Sea Cloud, Sea Cloud 11, and Sea Cloud Spirit. All their ships are fantastic with 28 sails and gorgeous detailing. Aboard their ship, you will truly have a luxurious experience. You can watch beautiful sunsets and feel the refreshing ocean breeze while lazing on their ship’s deck. 

The cruise ships are also feats of their own. The Sea Cloud was built 90 years ago as a private luxury yacht for confident grande dame, sporty style icon, and philantrophist Marjorie Merriweather Post. It combines extravagant charm and authentic windjammer feels—a true seafaring legend. One of our staff has sailed on the Sea Cloud Spirit this summer from Barcelona to Nice for five whole days.